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Gerald Arthur Winter has been Member of the Authors Guild, Inc. since 1975. Originally from Queens, he grew up in Oakland, Jersey. A Rutgers University Journalism graduate in 1966, he has served as a member of the Rutgers Alumni Advisory Board to SCILS (School of Communications, Information, and Library Studies. He received his MFA in Creative Writing from U. of Tampa in 2016.

Winter's Tom Larkin detective series began with Letters in Blood
in 2007 then Hemingway's Trunk in 2008. His short stories, “The Grand”
and "R & R" appeared in Hardboiled in 2010 and 2011.

In 2001, Gerald Arthur Winter migrated to the Jersey shore, Exit 80, which he considers -- one small step from heaven, but in 2011 discovered the freestyle living in Tampa, FL where he spends the winter.

In 2012 his short story "The Poker Face" was published by THE CONNOTATION PRESS, then in 2014 "Hidden Treasure" was published there as well, both under Fiction Editor, Meg Tuite, including her featured interview with the author.

Since receiving his MFA in January 2016, Winter's following stories were published by THE CREATIVITY WEBZINE, under Editor-in Chief, Charles Moulton:

3-15-16 “Star Struck” Hollywood Issue
4-01-16 “The Visitation” Visitors Issue
4-15-16 “Opening Day” Spring is Here Issue
5-01-16 “Old Loggerhead” Ships on the Sea Issue
5-15-16 “The Aviary” Faith Issue
6-30-16 “Cappy’s Pearls” Summer, Fun & Sun Issue
7-15-16 “River Rats” The Stories We Tell Well Issue
8-15-16 “No Signs of Intelligence” Other Worlds Issue
9-01-16 “The Gateman” Literary Buffet Issue
9-15-16 HEMINGWAY'S TRUNK excerpt The Discovery Issue
10-01-16 “Louisville Slugger” The Mystery Issue
10-15-16 “ Now and Forever” The Magical Forest Issue
10-31-16 "Haunted House" Halloween Returns
11-15-16 “Gothado” A Chat by the Fireside Issue
11-27-16 "The Black Chemise" The Dance Issue
12-15-16 LETTERS IN BLOOD excerpt The Spy Who Loved Me Issue
12-23-16 "Christmas Testimony" Happy Holidays Issue
1-06-17 "Witless Protection" The Orient Express Issue
2-05-17 “A Wonder of Nature” Where the Ocean Meets the Sky Issue
2-19-17 "What's on Your Plate" The Future Issue
3-05-17 “Dinnertime Orchids” Flowers in Bloom Issue
3-14-17 THE LOST BOOK OF ANNABELLA The Modern and the Ancient Issue
4-02-17 “Sunshine and Superman” Legends Issue
4-16-17 “Priceless” Languages of the World Issue
5-14-17 “Chubby” Hooray for Hollywood Issue
5-28-17 “Johnny B. Goode” Elvis & the Rock n Roll Revolution
8-15-17 “Drop Dead Gorgeous” Summer Night City Issue
8-27-17 “Simian” Sci-Fi Meets Horror Issue
9-10-17 "Pot Luck" A September Buffet Issue
9-24-17 "The Storm" Of Fogs & Clear Weather Issue
10-21-17 “Blood, Wildlife, and Gunfire” All Creatures Great & Small Issue
11-12-17 "Fusion" Raindrops Falling on my Head Issue
11-26-17 “Vermilion” Art Issue
12-10-17 “The Miracle Blizzard” Winter Wonderland Issue

12-22-17 “Christmas 1954” Merry Christmas Issue
1-21-18 "Boys' Night Out" Faces Issue
2-04-18 “For Hume the Bells Toll” Ticking Clocks Issue
3-18-18 “Somewhere Children Shout” Show Time Issue
4–04-18 DEAD ON ARRIVAL excerpt Lights and Shadows Issue
4-18-18 “Yoko” – COMFORT GIRLS excerpt Move It Issue
5-04-18 “The Catch” The Net Issue
5-18-18 “The Wonders of Motherhood” - poem
7-04-18 “Pablo’s Discoteca” – The Spicy Salsa and Hot Mambo Issue
8-18-18 “A Stitch in Time” – Time Travel Issue
9-01-18 "Indian Summer" - Indian Summer Issue
9-14-18 THE BLIND SPOT excerpt -The Candle in the Wind Issue
9-28-18 "Afterglow" - Music of the Night Issue
10-31-18 “San Sebastian’s Ghosts" – Halloween Issue
12-31-18 Six 6-word Stories – The Festive Season Issue


 1-31-19  "Jetsam" – Gods & Monsters Issue                                                         3-31-19  "When the Carnival Left Town" -  Bright Shining Stars                           4-30-19  "The Black Spot" – Myths and Legends Issue                                         5-31-19  "Star-crossed Lovers" – Love Is the Answer       


Gremlin Creative
4-13-18 "Fracture Frontier" "

9-19-16 NY Literary Magazine - “A Free Sampling”
won the 5 Star Meaningful Fiction Award

5-01-18 2ELIZABETHS print anthology - "Auld Lang Syne"


4-15-19  Writer Fairys – "Resilience by Default – EMPOWER article                       

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